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CDChangerMounted.jpg (76638 bytes) After about a year I had a problem with the BOSE unit and it had to be replaced (it wouldn't eject the CD).  Not trusting the Dealer to do anything, I got them to order me a new radio under warranty and I did the removal and re-install myself.  I figured, as long as I had everything apart I might as well add the wiring for a CD-Changer.  When I realized that you couldn't just get the wiring without the changer, I ended up with this.  It is a USA-Spec 6-disc CD-Changer designed to fit the Nissan OEM wiring harness.  This was extremely easy to do.  I had to take off a lot of panels but there is only one cable to route.  Power, signal and control all come in the harness and the built-in BOSE unit is already capable of controlling this.  In case you can't tell, the unit is mounted under the rear shelf in the trunk.  I should have taken a picture while I was doing the install.  It looked like a bomb went off inside the car.

Due to overwhelming requests via email, I am posting the name and phone # of the Car Audio Dealer where I purchased this CD Changer. 

bulletDealer : Rogers Car Stereo
bulletLocation : 249 West Sunrise Highway, Freeport, NY 11520
bulletPhone : 516-546-3343


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