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CloseupExtension.jpg (121132 bytes) Here is the basic problem with the Courtesy B-Pipe, which I had the header and exhaust experts at KOOKS Custom Headers in North Bay Shore NY fix.  As outlined previously in the Courtesy B-Pipe Restriction Issue section, installing a Courtesy B-Pipe on a 99 Maxima (or any 4th-Gen Maxima without an O2 sensor behind the cat) results in this horrendous extension piece having to be installed between the B-Pipe and the catalytic converter.  My mission was to eliminate this piece!!!!
MaxOnTheLift.jpg (115776 bytes) Here is my Maxima on the lift at KOOKS - a place, incidentally that has more stainless steel than I've seen in my entire lifetime.  How many times have I had this exhaust pulled apart in a quest for perfection??  I think I'm finally finished!
CutEndOffBPipe1.jpg (109011 bytes) My original thought was to have KOOKS simply replace the wacky extension piece with a straight stainless steel piece, but their proposed solution was even better.  Their idea was to remove the Courtesy B-Pipe completely, chop the end off, and weld on an extension piece.  Essentially, they would make the Courtesy pipe what it should have been in the first place.  Here is the Courtesy B-Pipe getting its front section chopped off all the way to the resonator.
CutEndOffBPipe2.jpg (128758 bytes) Here is the little piece chopped off of the Courtesy B-Pipe.  Bye Bye!
ReMadeCatFlange.jpg (96728 bytes) When my installer, Geno, saw the RT Cat he looked very displeased with the rotating flanges, and commented that they did not look like they were making a very good exhaust seal against my Y-Pipe or my B-Pipe (I was told Geno was a perfectionist).  Geno insisted on taking the cat off, chopping off the rotating flanges and welding on new permanent flanges which had a totally flat face.  I couldn't stop him!  I think he did a really nice job.  Compare this with the original shot of the RT Cat flanges. 

I emphasize this because this is the difference between going to a place like Speedy or Midas and going to a real header shop that employs craftsmen to get the job done.  These guys are worse perfectionists than I am, and I love them for it.

BPipeCutandCat.jpg (85795 bytes) Once the cat flanges were modified and the end was cut off the Courtesy B-Pipe it had to be placed back on the car so that the exact extension length necessary could be measured - right on the car.  It turned out to be between 8 and 9 inches roughly.
CuttingTheSSTubing.jpg (113632 bytes) This is the machine they use to cut the stainless steel to size.  Seen here with a very long blank in preparation for cutting.
SSTubingBlank.jpg (79606 bytes) Here is the final length of stainless steel tubing.  KOOKS welded a flange on one end for the catalytic converter, and welded the other end to the Courtesy B-Pipe at the resonator.
CourtesyBModified.jpg (78196 bytes) Here is the completed B-Pipe, with the custom stainless steel extension welded onto the resonator.  This is how the pipe should have looked when I bought it!!
CompletedInstall1.jpg (98160 bytes) Here is the completed work.  It is essentially the original Courtesy B-Pipe but extended an additional 6-inches with no changes in exhaust diameter.  If anyone at Courtesy Nissan is looking at this, please take notes!!  You guys make a great product, but you need to stop making it generic!!  This is what the pipe should look like for Maximas without the O2 sensor behind the cat.  Thanks to the fine craftsmen at KOOKS Custom Headers in Bay Shore L.I. for doing a fine professional job.  I would recommend them to anyone in the NY, NJ area for any type of custom exhaust work.

By the way, for those interested - total parts and labor for this job was $140.  In my opinion, more than reasonable!!

CompletedInstall2.jpg (118989 bytes)
CompletedInstall3.jpg (99650 bytes)

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