Front Strut Tower Brace
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Handling Mods

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MaxEngine2.jpg (86610 bytes) The Stillen Front Strut Tower Brace (FSTB) was the first handling modification I did to the car.  All it is is a solid piece of machined aluminum that spans the engine compartment between the two strut towers.  Seems simple, but the improvement in handling this thing makes is dramatic.  The addition of the strut bar stiffens the front suspension and makes the car corner flat by eliminating all front end body flexing.  Total install time is about 20 minutes.  Highly recommended, a lot of bang for the buck.
Front Strut Tower Brace-2.jpg (41556 bytes) Another shot of the FSTB installed.
Front Strut Tower.jpg (104436 bytes) Close-up of the front strut tower.


Stillen Instruction Sheets for Front Strut Tower Brace

StillenFSTB1.jpg (255581 bytes) StillenFSTB2.jpg (239820 bytes) StillenFSTB3.jpg (195373 bytes)

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