RT High Flow Cat
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rtcat1.jpg (134342 bytes) rtcat2.jpg (120951 bytes) I purchased the Random Technology Super High Flow Catalytic Converter from Lightning Motorsports for $189, including shipping.  The cat is all stainless steel and has rotatable flanges at each end.
rtcat3.jpg (145638 bytes)
RemoveCatNuts.jpg (115786 bytes) Removing the stock Maxima catalytic converter is not hard.  First remove the heat shield, then remove the 2 nuts that hold the Y-Pipe to the cat.  Pictured is the Cattman Stainless Steel Y-Pipe.
Stock B-Pipe at Cat.jpg (103793 bytes) Next remove the 2 bolts that hold the B-Pipe to the cat, and the cat should slide right out.  The holes in the stock cat are threaded on this end so there are no nuts.
Cat Gasket.jpg (91891 bytes) It is a good idea to replace the metal gasket on each side of the cat when you change it. 
RTCatInPlace.jpg (107313 bytes) The RT cat has flanges which rotate to fit the geometry of several applications.  Note, this picture shows the B-Pipe removed from the car and a small extension piece in its place.  I had the Courtesy B-Pipe installed at the same time as the RT cat to make life a little easier.  Installation required several nuts and bolts from the Nissan dealership which are listed in the photograph at left.  The RT cat is supposed to be good for 5-7 horsepower and is CARB approved / street legal.

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