Rear Anti-Roll Bar
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Right rear Trail Arm before install.jpg (34416 bytes) After the Front Strut Tower Brace, the addition of a Stillen Rear Anti-Roll (Sway) Bar makes the next biggest difference in handling for the Maxima.  The sway bar attaches to the rear suspension trailing arms and prevents the inside tire from "lifting" during cornering.  It ties the rear trailing arms together so that the side of the car on the outside of the turn actually holds the inside tire in place.  The result is that the infamous Maxima body roll is virtually eliminated.  Installation is simple and took only about an hour and a half.  No drilling or cutting is required.
Trail Arm with bracket attached.jpg (32866 bytes) Right rear trailing arm with anodized clamps attached.  The emergency brake cable retainer needs to be detached and then re-attached to the trailing arm with a supplied spacer.
Anti-Roll07.jpg (133553 bytes) Slightly clearer picture of the right rear trailing arm.  I added this picture after I had the Courtesy B-Pipe installed, which explains why the pipe in the background is so shiny.
Left rear Trail Arm with bracket attached.jpg (33852 bytes) Left rear trailing arm showing the spacer for the emergency brake cable.
Trail Arm with anti-roll bar attached to bracket.jpg (28988 bytes) This shot shows the left rear trailing arm from the inside with the sway bar attached.  The position of the bar is adjustable.  Stillen recommends using the inner holes.
Bar extends just behind and below rear axle.jpg (28373 bytes) Note how the sway bar extends just below and behind the rear axle assembly.  This is so that you can still jack the car up by the rear axle if necessary, without crushing the sway bar.  Truthfully, if you held the bar you would not worry too much about it getting damaged.  The thing is a solid piece of machined aluminum - it is very heavy and totally bulletproof.
Left Rear caliper & brake line.jpg (30472 bytes) A view of the left rear brake caliper, showing the sway bar in position.
StillenRSB1.jpg (261732 bytes) Stillen Instruction sheet for Rear Sway Bar.

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