Speed Bleeders
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Braking Mods


Speed Bleeders (1).jpg (167665 bytes) Speed Bleeders (2).jpg (156119 bytes) In preparation for the eventual installation of stainless steel brake lines, I installed a set of Speed Bleeders at each wheel to aid in the bleeding process.  The set of 4 cost $42 and were purchased directly from Speed Bleeder.
The Speed Bleeders have a one-way check valve which opens when brake pressure is applied with the bleeder screw in the open position.  When the brake pedal is released the spring causes the ball-bearing to seal the brake line. 
StockBldr10mm.jpg (108977 bytes) The Speed Bleeders are very easy to install.  The procedure is the same for each wheel.  First, remove the rubber cap from the stock bleeder and take the bleeder out with a 10mm wrench.  Some brake fluid will come out, but not a lot.  Have a towel handy and DO NOT get brake fluid anywhere near your paint!!
StockBldrRemoved.jpg (113490 bytes) SpeedBldrInstalled.jpg (134349 bytes) Next, screw in the Speed Bleeder.
bleeding.jpg (109935 bytes) BrakePedal.jpg (110024 bytes) Open the Speed Bleeder 1/4 to 1/2 a turn, and then attach a bleeder hose.  Run the other end of the hose into a container, and pump the brake until clear bubble-less brake fluid comes out (2 pumps should do it).  Keep an eye on the brake fluid reservoir and make sure it never empties out.  Keep refilling the reservoir with new brake fluid up to the "Max" line.  Never re-use old brake fluid!

The brilliance behind the Speed Bleeder is the one-way check valve which opens and then shuts when you release the brake pedal.  There is no need to shut the valve while the pedal is depressed.  The entire bleeding operation can be done by one individual.

BrakeFluid.jpg (116479 bytes)
SpeedBldrCap.jpg (117060 bytes) Screw the Speed Bleeder in the rest of the way and then place the rubber cap over the tip.
StockBldrsRemoved.jpg (83327 bytes) Save the stock bleeders for a rainy day, but you will probably never need to use them again.

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