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Stillen High-Flow CloseUp.jpg (206320 bytes) The Stillen High-Flow Intake / Air Filter was the first performance mod I did on the car.  It replaces the restrictive stock air box and is good for about 6 hp.  Stillen ( uses a genuine cleanable K&N air filter with their own custom hardware which is designed to fit the Max perfectly.  You never need to change the filter - just clean and oil it and it will last forever.  Performance is improved across the power band.  Most notable is the fact that when you get on it, the air rushing into the filter becomes LOUD.  The first time I stomped on the gas with this thing it scared me.  Drive the car like a normal sane person and you would never know what's lurking under the hood.  The improved air flow, however, makes it even more obvious that the car is begging to have the exhaust opened up a bit.
MaxEngine1.jpg (107182 bytes)
HF01-StockIntakeOff.jpg (96486 bytes) HF03-VelocityStackFront.jpg (74407 bytes) Installing the Stillen intake is very simple even if you are not that mechanically inclined.  Once the stock airbox is removed, there is room to install the Stillen-supplied bracket for the intake.

The photo far left shows the bracket installed, and the MAF sensor removed.

HF02-VelocityStackRear.jpg (93017 bytes) The Stillen-supplied velocity stack secures to the bracket (above) and the Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensor using the same 4 bolts that secured the MAF sensor to the stock air intake box.
HF04-Filter.jpg (104755 bytes) All that is left to do is install the K&N air filter and tighten the clamp.  Adding the Stillen High-Flow air intake is one of the cheapest easiest power upgrades you can do to the Maxima.  The intake will make quite a nasty growl upon hard acceleration, but otherwise is quiet during cruise and ordinary driving.


Stillen Instruction Sheet - 4th Gen Maxima

CARB exemption for the Stillen intake, K&N Air Filter cleaning instructions, Stillen instructions for the intake.

Stillen High-Flow CARB exemption.jpg (110096 bytes) k&nclean.jpg (287434 bytes)
StillenHighFlow1.jpg (277806 bytes) StillenHighFlow2.jpg (314539 bytes) StillenHighFlow3.jpg (246557 bytes)


Stillen Instruction Sheet - 5th Gen Maxima

Here are the Stillen Instruction Sheets for the High-Flow intake for 5th-Generation (2000+) Maximas.

SI Page 1.jpg (221771 bytes) SI Page 2.jpg (213235 bytes)


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