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2002 Nissan Maxima SE

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Dynojet1.jpg (217008 bytes) The car was dynoed at about 1 month old with 1360 miles on the odometer, at the request (and expense) of Unorthodox Racing in Deer Park New York.  A Dynojet dynamometer was used, which measures horsepower and torque at the wheels.  This is different than the manufacturer's method of measuring power at the flywheel.  Typically, an engine will lose 15-18% of its flywheel horsepower through the drivetrain.  Here the car is shown strapped down to the dynojet, ready for action.
Dynojet2.jpg (216807 bytes) The spark signal from one cylinder needs to be tapped for the dynojet to get an accurate RPM signal input.  The signal is tapped magnetically - no wires need to be cut or exposed to do this.  The engine cover needs to be removed to gain access to the ignition coil - a few hex bolts and it's off (very easy).
Dynojet3.jpg (160567 bytes) The car is gently accelerated up through the gears to 4th gear, which is the closest to a 1:1 ratio for the Maxima 6-speed transmission.  Once in 4th gear the car is accelerated up to redline for a few seconds.  Although the tachometer is partially blocked in this photo, you can see that the car "believes" it is running at almost 120 mph at roughly 6600 RPM.  (Horsepower and torque figures will peak out well before redline).
Dynojet4.jpg (144108 bytes) 3 dyno runs were performed.  The first 2 were baseline runs, and the third was performed with the A/C compressor on.  The engine was fairly young at the time of this dyno test, and it is almost certain that the Nissan VQ35 will continue to make more power as it breaks in, therefore the numbers recorded are very likely on the conservative side of what the engine is capable of.

For anyone who has not heard the roar of the VQ35 engine at full-throttle, I highly recommend the experience.  Any car that can put down over 200 hp at the wheels in stock trim, when it is barely broken-in is very impressive!

Dynojet5.jpg (156229 bytes)

2K2Max_Dyno1.jpg (143474 bytes)

1st run results:
bulletMax Power = 199.9
bulletMax Torque=217.9

2K2Max_Dyno2.jpg (136397 bytes)

2nd run results:
bulletMax Power = 205.2
bulletMax Torque=218.6

2K2Max_Dyno3.jpg (129269 bytes)

3rd run results (with A/C):
bulletMax Power = 203.4
bulletMax Torque=219.5

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