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2002 Nissan Maxima SE

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Before Dealer Prep

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P0002331.JPG (180687 bytes) Here are some photos I took of the car the day I took delivery (only 43 miles on the odometer at the time).  The drilled pedals are exclusive to cars with the Helical Limited Slip Differential option, which is only available with the 6-speed manual transmission.


More interior/exterior photos

P0002335.jpg (129930 bytes) After a few days with the NAV system, I am impressed with some aspects of it, and unimpressed with others.  It is very easy to read in bright sunlight or at night, and is extremely accurate.  It has too many features to list.  The voice guidance is fun for a while, but can get annoying when it interrupts your CD or the radio (you can turn the voice off).  The trip routing is not always optimal and after driving around with it in familiar areas, I don't think I would trust it in unfamiliar areas.  Almost every setting is customizable, so if there is something you don't like, chances are you can change or eliminate it.
P0002353.JPG (171291 bytes)
P0002354.JPG (175659 bytes) Above left, and left are 2 pictures from the NAV system display, showing increasing zoom level around the same point.  For sheer informational purposes, the NAV system is outstanding.  It can also be set such that north is always up, or vehicle heading is always up.  I find that I use "heading up" mode while driving because the map will rotate around the car as you drive and everything is oriented properly, ie: what's on the left of you on the map is really to the left of you in the real world.
P0002338.JPG (143359 bytes) P0002362.JPG (121290 bytes) Cruise control, radio and trip computer controls are all on the steering wheel for easy access.  Very handy, especially with a manual transmission.
P0002355.JPG (135536 bytes) Door handles have titanium accents to match the instrument panel.  The three buttons near the top right of the photo on the door are for the seat memory.
P0002367.JPG (145934 bytes) Side skirts are standard on the SE.
P0002357.JPG (150722 bytes) Nissan removed the chrome finisher on the muffler tips for 2002.  The exhaust now has the cleaner look of the Infiniti I30 and I35.
P0002369.JPG (158197 bytes) Stock 17-inch 6-spoke rims and tires.
P0002358.JPG (144706 bytes) I'm still getting used to these funky clear taillights.
P0002345.JPG (165741 bytes) P0002370.JPG (161099 bytes) Intake system (far left) and engine bay for the 3.5 liter V6.  Note the absence of throttle and cruise control cables, since the car is controlled by a drive-by-wire throttle mechanism.  It cleans up the engine bay quite a bit.
P0002364.JPG (252938 bytes) With the NAV system in the dash, there is no room for the in-dash CD-changer, so it goes on the driver's side of the trunk.
P0002356.JPG (157771 bytes) P0002359.JPG (132155 bytes) Also new for 2002 are the HID (High Intensity Discharge) Xenon headlights.  They are much brighter than conventional headlights, and they look cool too.

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