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2002 Pathfinder SE




Engine Compartment

Here is the often-praised VQ35DE, mounted longitudinally. P0002737.JPG (195144 bytes)
P0002736.JPG (173287 bytes)


P0002715.JPG (169782 bytes) P0002716.JPG (150693 bytes) P0002717.JPG (203687 bytes)
P0002718.JPG (208750 bytes) P0002721.JPG (177049 bytes) P0002722.JPG (145956 bytes)


P0002739.JPG (174481 bytes) This is a pretty ingenious oil filter design.  Nissan built in a metal spout right underneath the filter, so that when you remove it during an oil change, the excess oil leaks out and goes right down the spout into whatever receptacle you have waiting underneath.
P0002742.jpg (190831 bytes) Here is another view looking slightly upwards.
P0002740.JPG (183539 bytes) This is the driver's side undercarriage, looking towards the back of the car.  The drive shaft for the front wheels is clearly shown.
P0002741.JPG (195984 bytes) Passenger's side undercarriage, looking towards the back of the car.  Note there is a separate cat for each cylinder bank.  The dual exhausts meet at the muffler (shown) and a single exhaust tip comes out the rear.

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