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41080-40U25 Front Brake Kit.jpg (89723 bytes) Front Disc Brake Kit 41080-40U25 $16.50

Everything you need to do a job on your front disc brakes.  Kit includes all necessary shims, retainers and springs.  No grease though.  I wonder why.

44080-54C29 Rear Brake Kit.jpg (83498 bytes) Rear Disc Brake Kit 44080-54C29 $16.50

Everything you need to do a job on your rear disc brakes.  Kit includes shims, retainers, rubber grease (orange) and PBC grease.

44141-N9500 Pin Bolt F-R Brakes.jpg (87184 bytes) Pin Bolts, All Calipers 44141-N9500 $4.22

There are two of these bolts per caliper.  They hold the swinging portion of the caliper to the fixed portion.

44140-N9500 Top Pin F-R Brakes.jpg (76081 bytes) Top Pin, All Calipers 44140-N9500 $7.58 All four calipers use the same Top Pin Bolt.
44139-16E01 Bottom Pin Front Brakes.jpg (75648 bytes) Bottom Pin, Front Caliper 44139-16E01 $16.00 The Bottom Pin Bolt is different for the front and rear calipers (or is it?).
44140-31U13 Bottom Pin Rear Brakes.jpg (81150 bytes) Bottom Pin, Rear Caliper 44140-31U13 or 44139-2Y000 $9.10 Here is the Bottom Pin Bolt for the rear calipers.  Note the price difference between it and the one for the front brakes!!!  Strange thing is that as far as I can tell, the front/rear pins are IDENTICAL.  I don't understand the price difference.
08044-2401A Front Caliper Bracket Mounting Bolt.jpg (115047 bytes) Front Caliper Bracket Mounting Bolt 08044-2401A $2.06 This bolt is one of two that holds the front caliper to the car.
08915-2421A Front Caliper Bracket Washer.jpg (81246 bytes) Front Caliper Bracket Washer 08915-2421A $0.28 This washer goes with the bolt (above).
08184-0301A Rear Caliper Bracket Mounting Bolt.jpg (97212 bytes) Rear Caliper Bracket Mounting Bolt 08184-0301A $0.80 This bolt is one of two that holds the rear caliper to the car.
08915-2401A Rear Caliper Bracket Washer.jpg (100686 bytes) Rear Caliper Bracket Washer 08915-2401A $0.11 This washer goes with the bolt (above).


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