Clear Corner Lights
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a32-clear.jpg (22431 bytes) This is one of the first modifications I did to the car.  It is fairly easy to do and I think it makes the car have a much better transition between the headlights and the fog lights.  I bought the lights from Courtesy Nissan ( in Richardson, Texas.
Clear Corner Lights-2.jpg (36214 bytes) The clear corners seem to look best on a black (or dark) car.  Just my opinion.
MaxClearCorner.jpg (74445 bytes) Here is a closer view of the corner lights.  The light is actually two pieces.  The front piece pops out with a screwdriver and then you just unscrew the side piece.  I secured my new lights from inside the fender so that they cannot be removed easily.  I hope I remember how I did this when it comes time to change a bulb.  For legal reasons, you have to put an orange flash bulb in there so it flashes yellow.  But when the bulb is not on the look is clean and mean.

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