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01121-04871 Heat Shield Bolts.jpg (58655 bytes) Heat Shield Bolts



These bolts are used to hold on the heat shields for the stock catalytic converter and pre-cat.  Why they are so expensive is a mystery.  Ref: Y-Pipe install.

01125-03251 Cat Bolts.jpg (60663 bytes) Catalytic Converter Bolts 01125-03251 $1.25

Bolts to hold Y-Pipe and B-Pipe to the catalytic converter.  May be threaded with OEM exhaust nuts 11258-D0101.  Ref: Courtesy B-Pipe 

081B7-0351A Pre-Cat Bolts.jpg (75190 bytes) Pre-Cat Bolts



On CA/NLEV cars like mine, these hold the front pre-cat to the Y-Pipe.  They are very heavy-duty bolts, and I used them in other places due to their length and quality.  May be threaded with OEM exhaust nuts 11258-D0101.  Ref: Y-Pipe, B-Pipe, RT Cat installs.

08911-1081G B-Pipe Underbrace.jpg (73421 bytes) B-Pipe Underbrace Nuts 08911-1081G $0.33

Used in various places.  Holds B-Pipe underbrace to car.  Also holds B-Pipe exhaust hanger to B-Pipe.  Ref: B-Pipe install.

11258-D0101 Exhaust Nuts.jpg (72972 bytes) Exhaust Nuts 11258-D0101 $1.05

These nuts are used all over the Maxima exhaust.  Junctions at B-Pipe/Muffler, Y-Pipe/Cat, and Cat/B-Pipe are all joined with these nuts.  Ref: Y-Pipe, B-Pipe, RT Cat, Stillen Muffler installs.

14094-31U00 Rear Exhaust Manifold Nuts.jpg (73204 bytes) Rear Exhaust Manifold Nuts 14094-31U00 $0.82

Being the fanatic that I am, I replaced the rear manifold nuts when I had my Y-Pipe installed.  These nuts will not fit on the front manifold in CA/NLEV cars.  Ref: Y-Pipe install.

20031-0L710 B-Pipe Extension.jpg (81428 bytes) B-Pipe Extension 20031-0L710 $31.00

The infamous OEM B-Pipe extension.  I had to buy this as an interim step when I had the Courtesy B-Pipe installed.  This abomination was removed after KOOKS modded my B-Pipe.  Ref: B-Pipe install.

20650-52L00 B-Pipe Hanger.jpg (91444 bytes) B-Pipe Hanger 20650-52L00 $13.92

I changed out the hanger when the B-Pipe was installed.  It is actually referred to by Nissan as an "insulator" assembly since it mostly damps exhaust vibrations.  Ref: B-Pipe install.

20650-9B005 Muffler Hangers.jpg (83831 bytes) Muffler Hangers 20650-9B005 $6.81

If you are changing out the muffler and your hangers are looking ratty, it might not be a bad idea to replace them.  They aren't expensive, and all of the hangers are the same.  For the rear two hangers you just pop out the interior metal ring.

20691-30P00 Muffler Gasket.jpg (72832 bytes) Muffler Gasket 20691-30P00 $2.92

This ring gasket is used between the stock B-Pipe and the stock muffler.  I found that with the Courtesy B-Pipe, the Stillen gasket actually worked better at reducing vibrations.  Ref: Stillen Muffler install.

20691-38U00 Rear Exhaust Manifold Gasket.jpg (76969 bytes) Rear Exhaust Manifold Gasket 20691-38U00 $5.16

Gasket for rear exhaust manifold/Y-Pipe junction.  Ref: Y-Pipe install.

20691-51E01 Front Y-Pipe Gasket.jpg (80401 bytes) Front Y-Pipe Gasket 20691-51E01 $2.76

Gasket for front pre-cat/Y-Pipe junction.  Ref: Y-Pipe install.

20692-24U00 Cat Gasket.jpg (73199 bytes) Cat Gasket 20692-24U00 $3.43

Gasket for both input and output side of catalytic converter.  Ref: Y-Pipe, B-Pipe, RT Cat, installs.



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