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Nissan Parts List

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01436-01061 MAF Sensor Screws.jpg (82329 bytes) MAF Sensor Screws 01436-01061


The only reason I had to buy these was because during installation of the Stillen Intake I cracked one of the OEM bolts off completely!  I bought a handful of them just incase.  Ref: Stillen High-Flow Intake.

01436-01831 Eng. Undercover Sheet Metal Screws.jpg (70453 bytes) Eng. Undercover Sheet Metal Screws 01436-01831 $0.72

These screws are used all over the Maxima.  There are many of them underneath the car, holding the plastic engine undercovers in place.  Ref: Transmission Cooler install.

11026-01M02 Oil Plug Crush Rings.jpg (82247 bytes) Oil Plug Crush Rings 11026-01M02 $0.55

These rings are used on both the engine oil pan and the transmission oil pan plug bolts.

13510-31U00 Front Oil Seal.jpg (87879 bytes) Front Oil Seal 13510-31U00 $6.50

The oil seal should be replaced any time you take the crank pulley off.  I bought a new one when I had my UDP installed.  Ref: Underdrive Pulley install.

15208-9E000 Oil Filter.jpg (98335 bytes) Oil Filter 15208-9E000 $4.37

Here is the oil filter for pretty much all Nissans, including the Maxima.

22680-31U05 MAF Sensor.jpg (74398 bytes) MAF Sensor 22680-31U05 $366.14

Mass Airflow (MAF) sensor.  Pray that you never have to buy one of these.  I got a discount through Courtesy Nissan - it actually lists for over $430.00!!  Ref: MAF Sensor mod.

28895-79905 Drivers Side Refill.jpg (95945 bytes)

Wiper Refill (Driver) 28895-79905 $7.50

Nissan should be shot for charging this much for a wiper refill.  Note, the driver and passenger refills are different sizes!

28895-89904 Passenger Side Refill.jpg (84515 bytes)

Wiper Refill (Passenger) 28895-89904 $7.50

Nissan should be shot for charging this much for a wiper refill.  Note, the driver and passenger refills are different sizes!

31377-80X09 Tranny Pan Bolts.jpg (94215 bytes)

Transmission Pan Bolts 31377-80X09 $0.70

Changing out the valve body requires removing the transmission pan and replacing the bolts.  These are the proper bolts to use.  The threads are coated.  You need 21 of them for the pan.  Note: I have not done the Valve Body Mod.

66860-01W01 Cowl Fastener.jpg (48892 bytes)

Cowl Fastener 66860-01W01 $1.18

These little buggers were very hard to find.  Try describing them to a parts dealer who already thinks you're nuts.  They are the screw/anchor things which help to hold on the Oil Filter cover.

999N1-7H000 Nissan Nose Mask.jpg (145372 bytes) Nissan Nose Mask 999N1-7H000 $105.00

The nose mask is a pain in the neck, but it looks cool.  Ref: Nissan Nose Mask.



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