Nissan Nose Mask
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NoseMaskFront.jpg (135507 bytes) I bought the Nissan Nose Mask for two reasons.  It looks cool, and it helps deflect stones and crud from hitting the hood and windshield.  It comes in two pieces.  The lower piece usually gets dirty and it's a pain to put on and take off.  A few days after I got this, my windshield got hit with a rock and I had to get it fixed.  So I guess the moral of the story is, if you don't think it looks cool, don't get it.
NoseMaskSide.jpg (145372 bytes) The top 2 pictures here were taken with my digital camera which explains the clarity.  The rest are a little blurry, as I took them before I had the digital (note the stock wheels in some of the other photos).
Front Nose Mask-1.jpg (35745 bytes) Slightly blurry side shot.
Front Nose Mask-2.jpg (35334 bytes) I usually don't leave the bottom piece of the nose mask on.  Only for special occasions.
Front Nose Mask (SSR).jpg (35185 bytes) Another shot of the Nose Mask.  Note the wheels in this shot are no longer stock.

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