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1999 Nissan Maxima SE

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Engine Compartment.jpg (46848 bytes) This is the standard engine that comes with all '95-'99 Maximas.  Officially designated as the VQ30DE, it is derived from the 300ZX powerplant and produces 190hp stock.  It is a 3.0 Liter Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) V6 with front-wheel drive and Sequential Multi-Point Fuel Injection. 
P0002173.JPG (202266 bytes) P0002174.JPG (213438 bytes) Two more shots of the stock VQ30DE Engine before mods.
Front Three Quarter.jpg (33982 bytes) Front three-quarter view of the car before any modifications.  Note the yellow corner lights.  Most people think the yellow lights look out of place, especially on a black car.  I agree, and later changed them to clear corner lights (Clear Corner Lights).
Left Side.jpg (46347 bytes) Left side view of the car with the stock SE rims.  The stock rims are 16-inch with 215/60/R16 Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires.  The RS-A's are excellent performance all-season tires, and are much better than Eagle-GT's.  I was almost sorry to replace them, but I wanted to give the Max a more distinctive appearance from the billion or so black Maximas out there.  See Wheels and Tires
Left Three Quarter.jpg (55328 bytes) Another nice left side view.
Right Front.jpg (38383 bytes) A close-up shot of the stock SE rims and Goodyear Eagle RS-A's.  Note the funky stock yellow corner light.
Right Rear.jpg (44429 bytes) Right rear, showing the spoiler.
Right Side.jpg (41876 bytes) Another stock shot, taken at Jones Beach.
Stock B-Pipe & Resonator.jpg (26709 bytes) I took this shot one day when my car was on a mechanic's lift.  The picture shows the joint where the resonator (in the photo) meets the B-pipe right before the muffler (not pictured).  How much hp do you think gets lost in that crimp?  Aftermarket B-Pipes from Stillen and Courtesy, or complete Greddy catback system will increase flow over and above stock.
Stock Muffler-1.jpg (46134 bytes) Rear shot.  The muffler does look a little wimpy.  Most aftermarket systems for the Maxima look much more aggressive and free up some hp. (See Stillen Stainless Steel Muffler install).
Stock Muffler-2.jpg (32087 bytes) Closer view of the stock muffler.
Stock Y-Pipe.jpg (40208 bytes) You are looking at the single biggest horsepower thief in the Maxima - the stock Y-Pipe.  Between its weight and the pre-catalytic converters, there is about 15-20 extra horsepower dying to get out of this engine if the exhaust system would just let it breath like it wants to.  I eventually replaced the stock Y-Pipe with an aftermarket stainless steel pipe in order to increase power and exhaust flow.  Cattman Stainless Steel Y-Pipe

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