Summary of Mods
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1999 Nissan Maxima SE


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bulletPIAA SuperWhite 9004 Headlamps
bulletPIAA SuperWhite H3 Foglamps
bulletCourtesy Nissan Clear Corner Lights



bulletStillen High-Flow Air Intake
bulletUnorthodox Racing lightened Underdrive Pulley
bulletCattman Stainless Steel Y-Pipe (1st ever) for 99/2K CA/NLEV emissions Maxima.
bulletRandom Technology Super High Flow catalytic converter
bulletStillen Stainless Steel B-Pipe


bulletStillen Front Strut Tower Brace (FSTB)
bulletCourtesy Nissan Rear Strut Tower Brace (RSTB)
bulletStillen Rear Sway Bar
bulletSSR Integral 17x8 performance rims
bulletPirelli P7000 SuperSport 235/45/17 Ultra High-Performance Tires
bulletGoodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
bulletMotul 600 Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid


bulletUSA-Spec 6-Disc CD Changer - Controlled by OEM Bose Head Unit
bulletNissan Nose Mask
bulletRed Line D4-ATF Synthetic Transmission Fluid
bulletCastrol Syntec full synthetic motor oil
bulletSpeed Bleeders
bulletHayden model 404 auxiliary transmission cooler


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