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Jones Beach Theater.jpg (33314 bytes) Yes, that is Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh NY in the background.  I upgraded the wheels and tires on the Max after about 9000 miles.  No, the car did not need new tires or wheels.  Why did I get rid of perfectly good tires and wheels you ask?  I really wanted to set the Max apart from all the other Maximas out there and improve the handling again.  I researched wheels and tires on the Tire Rack (http://www.tirerack.com), and decided on SSR Integral 17x8 inch semi-solid forged aluminum wheels with Pirelli P7000 Supersport P235/45/17 tires.  I think these are the best performing all-season performance tires you can get right now, and the wheels came with several high recommendations.  Plus, I love the way they look.  Tire Rack mounted and balanced the tires using internal wheel weights and shipped the whole mess right to my office.  The guy in shipping was shocked when a crate came in with a ton of copier paper and  165 pounds of aluminum and rubber.  These tires still smell great. 
ssr-5.jpg (34485 bytes) SSRCloseup.jpg (89027 bytes) Wheel&Tire.jpg (145338 bytes) Close-up views of the Integrals.
ssr-1.jpg (40450 bytes) Three quarter shot with the Integrals.
ssr-2.jpg (42365 bytes) Another side shot.
ssr-3.jpg (78396 bytes) These tires are wide.
ssr-4.jpg (48191 bytes) Another shot taken at Jones Beach.  My favorite photo spot.
ssr-6.jpg (28692 bytes) Front shot showing the wide stance of the Pirelli P7000s

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