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1999 Nissan Maxima SE

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This section contains a reference to most of the Nissan OEM parts I have used on the Maxima in the process of installing modifications, or during routine maintenance.  I added it to help those who might be seeking a part for their own car based on what they have seen on the site.  Please note that the parts documented here were all used or installed on a 1999 Maxima with CA/NLEV emissions and may or may not fit on your year/model.

The prices listed represent the price paid or charged for one single item.  In cases where a photograph shows more than one item, this is strictly for photographic purposes and does not imply that more than one item is available for the price quoted.  All Nissan part numbers represent one and only one item.  Although sometimes multiple items come in a bag to the Nissan dealership, such as screws or bolts, Nissan prices everything in quantities of one.


Brake Parts


Exhaust Parts


Miscellaneous Parts


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