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Curious whether my Unorthodox Racing underdrive pulley (UDP) from my 1999 Maxima SE would fit the 2002 Maxima, I arranged another appointment with Unorthodox to test fit the pulley to the new VQ35 motor.  The staff at Unorthodox were very interested in the test fit as well and were nice enough not to charge me anything for the install or the "before" dyno testing which was performed on the stock motor.
2K2UDP2.jpg (176594 bytes) Steps to remove the stock pulley and replace it with the Unorthodox pulley are straightforward.  The procedure is the same as the one followed for the UDP on my 1999 Maxima.  This photo shows the stock pulley removed.
2K2UDP1.jpg (140155 bytes) It was discovered that the serpentine belt (K060408) used for the VQ30 install fit the VQ35 fine, but the power steering belt was a little bit too small, so we replaced it with a Gates K040300.
2K2UDP3.jpg (180687 bytes) The only modification required on the Unorthodox Pulley for it to fit the VQ35 was the removal of the timing ring.  (Nissan removed the timing ring on the stock pulley as well).  Performance gains will be measured again on the dynojet several weeks after the install.  Check here for results!
Post-UDP Dyno.jpg (72789 bytes) Here are the Dynojet results after the UDP install, superimposed over the stock graph, Run #1:
bulletMax Power = 208.8 (Increase of 4.45%)
bulletMax Torque=228.4 (Increase of 4.82%)

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