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Here are a few pics from my recon trip out to Front Sight on Sunday, October 16, 2005.  The facility itself is very remote - 50+ miles outside the Vegas strip off of the loneliest road on Earth (Hwy 160).    It takes about one hour to drive from Vegas to Front Sight.  I would recommend staying in Pahrump (23 miles from Front Sight) to ensure on-time arrival for the course you are taking.

I drove to the facility from my hotel in Las Vegas for some recon.  I did not have an appointment.  I was met by Front Sight's chief of security, Frank, and explained that I was taking a class there some time next year and wanted to visit.  He welcomed me, and in a very warm and friendly manner, offered to take me on a tour of the facilities (can you believe that?).  There were several classes going on at the time.

Frank showed me the many pistol ranges, the sniper point, sim houses, the classrooms and the Pro Shop.  He spent a total of about one hour just driving me around the place and talking to me about the school.  Let me say, this place is HUGE and impressive.  The master plan is to develop housing, a school, post office and a landing strip eventually.

A few points of advice I received after asking a million questions:

bulletThe recommendation is to stay in Pahrump, Nevada.  The SaddleWest has a special rate for Front Sight students.
bulletA hydration pack is recommended, even in the cooler weather, as the desert is very dry and tends to "suck out" the moisture from your body.
bulletBring rain gear, since the courses run rain or shine and the weather in late March/early April can bring rain.
bulletBring shoes that provide some level of ankle support, since the terrain can be gravelly and it takes its toll on your feet.
bulletHave fun!

Talking with Frank reminded me a lot of the safety pilots at Skywarriors.  Very enthusiastic, professional, and willing to spend time with the students.  Remember, I did not even have an appointment and Frank was kind enough to drive me around the resort.  Before I left, he even gave me a bottle of ice water to take with me for the trip back.

The scenery in and around Front Sight is nothing short of breathtaking.  Take a look at the photos below.

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This is a view down Highway 160 heading west from Las Vegas towards Pahrump, NV.
Another view of Hwy 160 - a VERY lonely road!!!  Bring water.

This is one of the sim houses at Front Sight.

The rappel tower.
A view towards the dry lake bed at Front Sight.
The sniper point.
Another view from sniper point.
They have a rope bridge near the rappel tower (not used in the firearms training).
This is the Front Sight master plan. 
A view of the training room.  It may not look like it, but this room can hold 350 students, complete with desks.
Me, on "Front Sight Road" which is the private road leading from Tecopa Road to the sight.
Beware all who enter.  This is the sign at the intersection of Front Sight Road and Tecopa Road.
View towards Highway 160 from Tecopa Road.


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